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This Code of Conduct is intended for all players, coaches, parents, supporters, sponsors and the administrators of Medal Paints Marks Park Cricket Club.

A breach of this code may be subject to a disciplinary hearing by the Club Executive and all parties are therefore encouraged to familiarise themselves with this code.

Cricket is a character building sport and teaches discipline and integrity. Medal Paints Marks Park Cricket Club emphasises and encourages the following:


  1. To learn, understand and play the game of cricket within the rules and guidelines stipulated by the Gauteng Cricket Board.

  2. Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief.

  3. Always apply fair play and be a good sport. Do not claim unfair catches, be prepared to walk if you know you hit the ball and a fair catch was made. Refrain from excessive appeals and do not indulge in over-exuberant celebrations on the field of play.

  4. Acknowledge the good play of others, both by your team mates and by the opposition.

  5. Refrain from distracting or provoking opponents and players by making derogatory or negative remarks towards players, opponents and officials.

  6. Respect and never question the decision of the umpires or demonstrate dissatisfaction in any way.

  7. Respect the instructions given by the coach and captain and the decisions taken by the coach, captain, selection committee and Club administration.

  8. The coach, captain, selection committee and Club administrators will always act in the best interests of the club without favour.

  9. Coaches will give every player equal attention and opportunity.

  10. Always recognise good performance of all players and coaches, both on and off the field - and not only match results.

  11. Arrive on time for training sessions and for matches. Captains must arrange in advance with the apposing teams captain any changes to venue, date or time of matches prescribed in the fixtures list.

  12. Inform the coach and captain in good time if a player will not be available for a match and for training sessions.

  13. Always wear the correct cricket attire (white pants, white cricket shirt, cricket shoes) and have the correct cricket equipment and protective cricket gear during training sessions and matches.

  14. Respect the cricket pitch, cricket grounds, training facilities and property of the Club and of opposition Club’s.

  15. Parents must always be clear about their child’s whereabouts and agree any arrangements that are made to transport their children to and from matches and training sessions with the Coach. The Club encourages parental support at all matches and training sessions.

  16. Inform the Club administrators and coaches of any specific medical need or allergies that a player may have and for parents to be available to administer special medication unless the player is able to administer their own medication.

  17. If a player would like to raise a concern or complaint, please approach the coach directly to discuss and resolve the matter. If the matter cannot be resolved with the Coach, please direct your complaints to the Club Chairman. Please note that when addressing any complaint, the game of cricket and the best interests of the Club will always be put first.










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