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  • All communication regarding training, matches, club events and announcements will be communicated by Email, SMS or other social media to the cell phone number and/or email address completed in the Communication section of the registration form.

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to contact or respond to communications sent out by the coaches and/or coordinators to confirm a player’s availability for games, training and events.


  • A Non-Refundable Registration Fee of R150 is payable for all new Club members.

  •  Fees for the season are payable on registration and members who register during the season are subject to the full season fee amount.

  •  An additional fee will be charged for playing and training kits.

  • Payments can be made either in cash (directly to the Club Treasurer) or EFT.

Clothing & Equipment 

  • The player must wear the Club supplied pants, shirt and cap at all league games. If a player is not dressed in the Club whites for games they will not be allowed to play.

  •  For training, players must as far as possible wear their Club kits or whites. Club branded Track suits and training kits can be purchased from the Club.

  •  From Under 9 upwards, each player must have their own cricket equipment for training and for games. Under 7’s must bring their own cricket bats to training and games.

Healthy Diet

  • Parents must ensure that players have a healthy breakfast before arriving for games and practice sessions. Cereal and fruit is recommended.

  • Parents must also pack a healthy snack and drink for games and practice sessions.

Practice Sessions

  • Practices take place on Saturday’s either in the morning or in afternoons for all age groups and one evening per week for under 9’s and up.

  • Practices take place at Marks Park Sports Club or at alternative venues when the fields at Marks Park Sports Club are not available.

  • Coaches’ may also schedule practice sessions during the week. The time and venue will be communicated to players by the coaches’ via SMS or Email.

  • All new players joining the Club must under go the Club’s basic training before being allowed to play league games.

Teams Selection and Rotation

  • Players who do not attend training will not be considered for selection for games.

  • Due to the large number of squads in the age groups, players will be rotated for game selection to give every player an opportunity to play matches.

  • On Saturday’s when players are not playing, they must attend training.


  • All matches for juniors are played on Saturday mornings.

  • When games are played away, please ensure that you are on time at the meeting points.

  • All players must be at game venues at least 30 minutes before the game starts. Games usually start at 8:00 AM.

  • Fixtures and directions to the matches will be sent to the parents by SMS, e-mail or other social media.

  •  In the case of rain, the coach and/or coordinator will contact the players by SMS, email or other social media informing them if (or not) they will be playing on the weekend.

  • For Under 7s, a rotation system is applied and all players will bat and bowl.

  • For the under 9s and 11s, a rotation system will be applied. Players will bowl at least two over’s in a match. The batsmen will be rotated in such a way that the player will bat at least two places up in the batting order from the previous played match, until he reaches the opening pair after which, he will return to number 10 or 11. Batsmen will be rotated in such a manner that all players will have the opportunity to bat at least 2 over’s. The Coach’s will use their discretion and match circumstances to determine the bowling order.

  • For the under 13s and 15s merit will be applied to determine the batting and bowling order. The coach and coordinator of the team will manage the selection based on their discretion and circumstances.

  • In the case that there are two or more teams in an age group, the teams will be chosen in a manner that achieves a balance in the team. Thus, a stronger player may not necessarily play in the ‘A’ team and the opposite is also true.

Parental Involvement

  • Marks Park Cricket Club recognises and values the involvement of the parents in the running of the junior cricket matches. Marks Park Cricket Club encourages parents to volunteer their services to be coordinators and scorers at games.

  • Parents are also encouraged to volunteer their services and participate in events that the Club will host during the season.


  • If a parent would like to raise a concern or complaint, please approach the coach directly to discuss and resolve the matter.

  • If the matter cannot be resolved with the Coach, please direct your complaints to the Club Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

  • Please note that when addressing any complaint, the game of cricket and the best interests of the Club will always be put first.

Players, Parents & Coaches conduct guidelines

  • All will respect the decision of cricket coaches, coordinators and umpires at all times.

  • No abuse will be tolerated - verbally, physically, emotionally and mentally, from the coaches, parents, players or spectators.

  • No parent and/or family member is allowed to be in the nets or talk to the players and/or coach during practice - this time belongs to the coach.

  • Please leave the grounds clean after practices and games.

  • No aggressive shouting and coaching by family and friends to the players and coaches’ during games; however encouragement to the players will be well appreciated by all.

  • Look after personal belongings at all times at practices and games. If any clothing or equipment or personal items are found, a R20 fine will be levied to the player before the  item is returned.

  • Encourage your child(ren) to play according to the rules and spirit of cricket.

  • Coaches will ensure that score sheets are completed accurately after games and are signed off by both the coach and scorer.

  • coaches will ensure that all players have an opportunity to participate and do not endorse a “win at all costs” attitude.

  • On Saturday’s when players are not playing, they must attend training.

  • Coaches will ensure that all players have an opportunity to participate and do not endorse a “win at all costs” attitude. 





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